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  • 產品中心
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           我公司是專門從事肉類加工機械和切割鋸帶的專業生產及代理服務商,公司成立于1996年,投資方為瑞典HAKANSSON公司、英國HOLLAND & SHERRY公司、臺灣安夏公司和國內一部分,地處無錫市吳橋南20號,京杭大運河畔,在肉類加工機械行業已有較久的歷史和知名度,在全國主要片區建有售后服務站,有一支專業的技術服務隊伍,保證客戶能得到滿意的售前和售后服務,使客戶無后顧之憂,主要產品有:斬拌機、砍排機、灌腸機、攪拌機、絞肉機、鋸骨機、肉餅/丸機、打卡機、切片機、松肉/切絲機、磨刀機,各種屠宰用刀具及各種鋸帶,主要適合于超市、飯店、肉聯加工廠、實驗室等,目前已在國內許多著名的超市和肉加工廠企業中得到廣泛使用,例如:大潤發超市、好又多超市、家樂福超市、歐尚超市、聯華超市、青聯超市、國家經貿委食品檢測中心、雙匯集團、得利斯集團、德維集團,金羅集團,正大集團等,雨潤集團。


      Wuxi HKs Co., Ltd is a professional agent specialized in the importation of European meat- process machinery and the slicing of saw blades. Founded in 1996, it was invested by British Company—Holland & Sherry Co., Ltd, Taiwan Anxia Co., Ltd and a Chinese one. Located in a picturesque city—Wuxi, where the Great Canal wriggles through, it is well known for its long history and great achievements in the field of meat-process machinery. In several cities, there are After-Services organized by top professional technicians to meet customers’ demands and to offer technical support to their contents. The main products include: cutter-mixer, horizontal slicer, hydraulic filler, kneader-mixer, mincer, bandsaw, patty moulding machine, clippack, slicer, grinding machine, and other butchers’ cutters and saw blades, which are widely used in the supermarkets, hotels, meat-process plants and experiments. So far, there are a number of very noted superstores and meat-process plants which are facilitated with these products, such as: Da Run Fa Supermarket, Hao You Duo Supermarket, Lian Hua Supermarket, Qin Lian Supermarket, Food Inspection Centre in the National Economic Committee, Shuang Hui Group, De Li Si Group, De Wei Group, Jin Luo Group, Zheng Da Group, etc.
      There is an exhibition Centre in the company to display all samples. We are here to work for all the customers from the sales to after-service including supplying the products and spare parts in stock. We sincerely welcome all who are interested in our products. 

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